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NEID is an astronomical spectrograph designed to detect and measure masses of extrasolar planets using the Doppler technique. The instrument was funded by the NASA-NSF Exoplanet Observational Research (NN-EXPLORE) program to be designed and built by the Pennsylvania State University. The NEID Archive is operated by the NASA Exoplanet Science Institute (NExScI) located at the California Institute of Technology.

Solar data from NEID is served by the Solar Radial Velocity Archive.


  • The NEID pipeline has been significantly updated (see NEID DRP docs and changelog) and previous semesters of data will be reprocessed starting with the most recent data and working backwards. We expect all data to be reprocessed by the end of June 2023. As of May 4, 2023 more recent data than August 2021 has been reprocessed..
  • Use the Advanced Search page if you wish to access rejected files.
WIYN nightly weather logs are available here or you can use the calendar below to select a date (format mm/dd/yyyy). The default date is last night's date. If you do a NEID Archive search, and click on a row in the results table, the observation date for that row/night will be entered into the calendar. Press the "Get Weather" button to see the weather log for that night.

Observation date (UTC) Program ID
Program ID examples:
  • 2019B-1234
  • 2019B-2468
  • 2020A-9999
  • Wildcards allowed: use %2014 to return all standard star programs
PI last name Coordinates or Object name
Coordinates examples:
  • 50.94000 -37.2614
  • 3h23m45.6s -37d15m41s
  • 50:56:24.0 -37:15:41.0
Object name examples:
  • 51 Peg
  • HD 209458
  • Kepler-186
  • Kepler-186 f
  • KOI 100.01
Data level


 radius = 30 arcsec