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NEID is an astronomical spectrograph designed to detect and measure masses of extrasolar planets using the Doppler technique. The instrument was funded by the NASA-NSF Exoplanet Observational Research (NN-EXPLORE) program to be designed and built by the Pennsylvania State University. The NEID Archive is operated by the NASA Exoplanet Science Institute (NExScI) located at the California Institute of Technology.

Solar data from NEID is served by the Solar Radial Velocity Archive.

Observation date (UTC) Program ID
Program ID examples:
  • 2019B-1234
  • 2019B-2468
  • 2020A-9999
PI last name Coordinates or Object name
Coordinates examples:
  • 50.94000 -37.2614
  • 3h23m45.6s -37d15m41s
  • 50:56:24.0 -37:15:41.0
Object name examples:
  • 51 Peg
  • HD 209458
  • Kepler-186
  • Kepler-186 f
  • KOI 100.01


 radius = 30 arcsec